The Express Recovery Difference

At Express Recovery, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of debt collection agency. Here's what makes us stand out and above the rest:

Our Career Approach

Employee turnover rates in the collection industry tend to be very high. Our career-focused approach sets us apart from other agencies, resulting in an average tenure of five years among our collection staff, three years longer than the industry average. Our extremely low turnover rate means that your accounts are managed by experienced professionals, not an endless series of new trainees. Consistency and performance go hand in hand, and our clients will tell you that our experience makes a difference in our performance. Click here if you'd like to apply to join our team.

Training and Certification

We offer the most extensive training program in the industry. Our new hire training consists of four weeks of classroom instruction where employees are educated about the FDCPA, HIPAA, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations, FCRA, and other state and federal laws. Employees also undergo extensive training in communication, negotiation, and listening skills. Employees spend time listening to real and simulated collection calls and shadowing experienced collection specialists.

ERS employs four ACA Certified Training Specialists, enabling us to provide in-house certification for our employees. Currently, 86% of our entire staff has achieved their Professional Collection Specialist designation through ACA International, with the remaining employees working toward obtaining their certification. The PCS designation is a rigorous program that incorporates 16 hours of classroom training on collection laws and techniques and a final exam that requires a passing score of 85% or higher. Although most agencies limit this training to collection personnel only, ERS goes above and beyond by providing this training to all employees.

Continuing Education

We believe continuing education is the key to having the most knowledgeable and professional collection staff in the industry. Proper training is an investment that pays off in our recovery statistics. In addition to our continuous training on industry-specific issues, we also provide monthly training sessions for employees on various topics such as conflict resolution, assertiveness, listening skills, dealing with demanding customers, and many other vital issues.

In short, we offer the most highly trained and qualified collection professionals you will find.

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