Express Recovery Services

is a leading provider of receivables management services throughout the United States. Founded in 1996 by CEO/President Dan Rich and Vice President Dayer Worrall, ERS has grown to over 85 collection professionals and staff.

Express Recovery provides the following services:

Delinquent account collections

Extended business office services

Account backlog clean-up programs

Receivables management consulting

Customized recovery campaigns

We have developed long-term quality partnerships with our clients built upon a foundation of outstanding service and highly ethical collection methods while consistently exceeding our clients' collection goals.

Express Recovery's senior management team averages 25 years of collection industry experience. These individuals have been instrumental in developing and planning collection strategies, training programs, communication standards, and client relations.

Over the years, our clients have come to greatly respect and appreciate their experiences with Express Recovery. We offer our unique approach to each client's specific needs as an opportunity to provide exceptional service.

While all quality collection vendors

have virtually the same calling platforms, skip tracing capabilities, and collection notices, these are only tools. What distinguishes ERS from other vendors is the level of commitment and service provided to our clients and every level of our organization. How does this benefit our clients?

We provide superior, pro-active service designed to reduce your administrative burden and create a user-friendly relationship for your management team and staff.

We approach your customers as advocates, not adversaries, in a spirit of cooperation with a level of professionalism and collaboration that gets results.

There is a direct correlation between happy, well-trained employees and client satisfaction. Our clients will tell you that the level of professionalism that both your staff and your customers will experience when working with Express Recovery sets the standard for collection agency relationships.

The wide array of customized services we provide makes us a dependable value-added resource upon which you can depend.

Employee Training

Our highly trained management team continues to foster and develop the most effective training program utilizing information from industry resources and observing our own collection programs in action. Our collector training program consists of three main sections.

An initial company and collection orientation program that is 7-10 days in duration

A 10-15 day live call training period under the supervision of Express Recovery's training staff

On-going function training and review for collectors as well as supervisory staff

Tied directly to our Quality Assurance program,

ongoing training is based on regular "refresher" courses and routine performance evaluations of all collection personnel. Evaluation criteria include collection performance, contract compliance, and technical approach. Our management staff conducts a thorough review process as both a training and motivational tool and is one of the primary reasons for our extremely low collector turnover.


Litigation Services

Express Recovery provides full-service litigation capabilities and acts as the liaison between our clients and our attorney network. Should customers remain unwilling to work out reasonable repayment of debt obligations and the account meets our mutually agreed-upon criteria for the suit, our legal forwarding department will refer the account for litigation to one of our attorneys through a seamless and integrated process. ERS only litigates with client approval.

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